Xenoestrogens and Athletic Performance


Athleticism and Xenoestrogens simply don’t mix. Why is it no one considers this, not even those of us who compete at high levels?It’s surprising; everyone knows about performance enhancing drugs, yet no one approaches this understanding from the opposite perspective:

What about performance inhibiting drugs?

Xenoestrogens are a perfect example.

Petrochemical sunscreens are loaded with them.

If you’re a high performance athlete, simply want to be maximally competitive, or just desire your body to operate as it should, why would you overload yourself with bioaccumulating hormone analogues that are known to inhibit your body’s ability to build muscle, enhance stamina, increase speed, and maintain it’s ideal physiological processes?

Think about it. It’s pretty simple. Green Screen is your best option if you want your body to perform at its optimum level of health.

Love your skin. Kabana does. .

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