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From one of our Australian customers:

Just wanted to let you know i received my sunscreen, and i love it. I have bought a lot of natural and organic sunscreens and have not liked any of them. I have been searching the world and came across yours. Its truly unscented, its not greasy, it feels nice on my skin, the consistency is just right and it has very few ingredients. I love it!
S. Francis
Melbourn, Australia

Last year I ordered a whole bunch of your unscented sunscreen, and my husband and I used it liberally. It was the best sunscreen for the outdoor work we do, and what is more, it kept our skin really soft. It’s not drying or irritating like so many other products.

I also found another use for it that I think you could figure out something to do with… I put a lot of sunscreen on my arms while we were visiting high-elevation Colorado. I have had psoriasis for a couple years, on my elbows, head and knees, with no relief from any conventional product (multiple prescriptions, super-steroidal creams, internal and external antifungals – yuck). I realized that the psoriasis on my elbows (where I was lavishing sunscreen) went away in the week we were in Colorado!

It was more stubborn on my legs and head, but I started using it on my head, and it did help more than anything else. I think the sun is probably a useful component, along with the sunscreen. In the end, I saw an acupuncturist back home, and he cleared up the legs and head entirely. Then, during the holidays, it came back on my head – so I’m about to start with the sunscreen again.
So, I don’t know if you can recommend it as a help for psoriasis, but I know I will to others. Maybe you could find more people to try it? It think I fell on to something really amazing. I’ve only had this skin problem for 2 years – which seemed like ages to me until I read about numerous people who’ve had it all their lives! It made me think that more people should try this to help get rid of it. So, your sunscreen and sun.

K. Goodwin
Eugene, OR

Green Screen has saved me from a long period of looking for the best sunscreen. Autumn in Japan is cool and dry, with cloudless deep blue sky and bright sunlight, so I still need sunscreen every day. My cousin who lives in northern Japan is not only satisfied with the moisturizing effect of this sunscreen but also happy that the tinted one works as a natural make-up foundation. She was wondering and asking me if there is any good foundation she may like, so two of her problems (sunscreen & foundation) were both solved at once!

Shiho Sasaki
Tokyo, Japan

My 3 year old suffered from a bad case of eczema recently and today he is not spared. As we had to be outdoors and feared further aggravation, I applied some Green Screen on his face and on the sore red patches on his cheek this morning and by late evening after his nap it had all subsided. This is an amazing product and we love it!

K Ong

I received my order (Tinted Green Screen) very quickly as promised and have only had the opportunity to use it twice now, but I can tell you already, it is the best natural sunscreen I’ve ever used. It goes on comfortably (not sticky!), blends beautifully, and doesn’t clog my pores the way others often do (I’m able to tell how my skin is going to respond very quickly). I can completely replace my moisturizer when I use this product, and I believe the zinc oxide will not only protect my skin from the sun, but also help improve my skin issues. I’m so glad I found your website! Thanks so much for being a company who truly looks after its customers… even with something as simple as your honest and fair shipping practices. BTW, your customer service is amazing. 🙂 I will definitely be a repeat customer, and will spread this amazing find to my friends and family.

Comfrey, MN

The tinted Green Screen sunscreen is a product I’ve been looking for for a long time. I can only use mineral sunscreens and have trouble even finding one of those that didn’t give me problems or make my eyes burn and water. Every other tinted one I’ve tried has been too dark or orangey on my super-fair skin. I have been wearing the tinted Green Screen sunscreen everyday and the search is finally over!

Alison R
Toronto, Ontario

I wanted to say that I am in LOVE with your sunscreen!! I have been looking for a “healthy” sunscreen (that doesn’t make me look even more pasty than I already am) for ages… Green Screen is fantastic!

I am extremely satisfied with the product, which I actually use daily as a moisturizer/foundation. I tell everyone I know about it, so I hope some new business from Central New York has come your way. 🙂

Kristen L
North Syracuse, NY

I am so glad to have found your products. I wore sunscreen on my face every day in place of moisturizer until I read about the risks of petrochemical sunscreens, chemical preservatives, and other chemicals used in cosmetics and toiletries. I switched to a chemical-free physical sunscreen, but felt uncomfortable when people noticed a white sheen on my face. Unable to find a safe tinted sunscreen (no petrochemicals, no nanoparticles, no dangerous preservatives, etc, and cruelty free), I stopped wearing it altogether except to do yard work or to take long walks with my husband. Now I use Green Screen Organic Tinted Sunscreen on my face every day… and no one stares because it blends so well! My husband wore the untinted to go hiking, and it worked great.
We feel safe using your sunscreens even on broken skin, and I’ve also found through experience that both the Diaper Creme and the tinted sunscreen are great for eczema and other skin irritations/blemishes. I use the tinted Green Screen for ‘spot treatment’ particularly to help heal and when needed, conceal, blemishes and irritation. We look forward to trying more of your products.

And such excellent customer service! Thank you so much,

Albuquerque, NM

I am a recent customer to Kabana Skin Care, but as a man, 48, with life long rosacea and Seborrheic dermatitis I have had great difficulty finding a sun screen that doesn’t irritate my skin. Kabana’s Green Screen Organic SPF 22 is the best one I’ve ever tried. I wasn’t sure if the tinted wouldn’t be too dark, as I’m rather light skinned, but it is perfect! I use it in the morning after putting on my moisturizer, and though it goes on a bit heavy, it feels so comforting, and does such a great job blending with my skin, I absolutely don’t mind giving it a few extra minutes to soak in. It leaves my skin looking perfect and glowing, and lasted for a whole day of sun exposure (not constant, but a lot, from 1 ish to 6 ish.) In the future I would bring a smaller sample size with me to hit my nose a bit extra.

If you suffer from skin problems like I have, or eczema or psoriasis, try the products from Aim2Health in conjunction with this awesome sunscreen. My skin is completely healed, I am absolutely humbled by how great it looks. Better than I ever dreamed possible. I have tried the medical route, with the anti-biotics, and gels, and steroid creams . . . But nothing has even come close to the success of these products. I can’t believe how much better I feel in every way . . . I never realized how self-conscious my skin was making me feel.
I have also tried many many expensive department store brands. I’ve wasted a ton of money trying to find something to help. I would recommend Green Screen and Aim2Health even if you have normal skin. They are fantastic, natural products that work in harmony with your skin, with no alcohol and fragrance to irritate. I’m running around recommending them to everyone!!!
The best stuff I’ve ever used after almost thirty years of searching!!!

Darien W.
West Hollywood , CA

I just wanted to let you know that I love your tinted sunscreen! I tried a LOT of other natural sunscreens with zinc oxide for me and my children and all of them gave us the look of Casper the friendly ghost!!! my husband got really mad at me and told me that I make our kids looking like freaks and that all the kids in school are going to make fun of them. Today I tried your tinted sunscreen on them for the first time and both my hubby and I were amazed!!! The kids looked tanned and their skin was glowing, and they looked great! Green Screen is the only sunscreen that my hubby approves now! I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy! Thanks for making this brilliant product!

S. Daskal
Cleveland, OH

I have searched long and hard for an effective, natural sunscreen. In fact, my bathroom cabinets are brimming with failed tube after failed tube. Many times I wondered if it was even possible to find a sunscreen that was safe and aesthetic. When I tried your tinted sunscreen, it would be an understatement to say I was thrilled. Not only does it look great, but it is moisturizing and soothing to my skin without being overly sticky or whitening. I can use it as a foundation and find that it is a good base for make-up, too. It’s simply wonderful. Thanks so much for ending my incredibly frustrating and expensive search. You have a customer for life!

Also, I have a touch of melasma and read quite a few forums about the matter. I will be sure to mention your product in any of my postings. It’s really that good. There are many, many women out there seeking a sunscreen of this caliber.

A. Pogue
Vancouver, WA

My sunscreen has arrived and I am so pleased with it. It really is exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you so much for putting the effort into creating a truly decent organic product. I really am over the moon. I can’t thank you enough.

N. Wood

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Green Screen! It totally exceeded my expectations. I am a fair golden-skin redhead and the tinted formula works great-blends with my skin wonderfully. I will be telling friends and family about your products–great job!

D. Erickson

Please, never stop making your fabulous Green Screen! I especially like the tinted one! It´s the first one that I´ve tried that won´t sting my eyes.
Thank you so so very much!

Maria C.

I absolutely love Green Screen. I am so happy to have (finally) found a product that works great for me AND my boys! I personally use the tinted and it works so well as a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen in one! It is the perfect product to wear everyday and to the pool. Thank you for making such a great product!

J. Koch
Kansas City, KS

After having a basal cell carcinoma removed, I had to find a sunscreen that would work well for me. I went through 3 or 4 brands that either had petrochemicals and irritants, or were too gloppy, greasy or flaky. I happened upon Green Screen and purchased the tinted crème. It is fabulous! When I have been in the sun, it has kept me from burning but I still get some color. The tinted crème keeps me from looking like a ghost. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all. I’m a fan for life! Thanks Erik for great products.

C. Collins
Charlotte, NC

I just used your product on Sunday June 28th at Ocean on Long Island. I have fair skin. It performed fantastic, I did not burn and my skin felt great, no stinky odor. In fact I asked my daughter in law to try it on my 1 yr old granddaughter, on whom she was using high end coopertone sunscreen. She wanted to seen how it worked on me first. We’re converts. End of story.

C. DiPaola
New York, NY

I’ve recently tried your Green Screen sunscreen and I absolutely love it! I have Rosacea and it is very hard for me to find skin products that don’t irritate my skin. Your Green Screen not only doesn’t irritate my skin, but it seems to be really improving it! I am so thankful that I found your product.

K. Latas

Finally I found a sunscreen that I feel comfortable putting on my six year old as well as myself. It makes me sad to think of all the “junk” sunscreen I put on him for years.

Keep making your wonderful products!

L. Craig

I just wanted to thank you for creating Kabana! I have recently discovered that I suffer from rosacea, and have done an extensive amount of research on the various ingredients out there and their effects on skin…I also stumbled upon the EWG website which gave your product a great review.

Since I started using the Kabana Green Screen sunscreen (tinted as the iron oxide is said to be healing for rosacea-prone skin), I have had NO PROBLEMS with my skin. While there is the occasional flaking of the product off of my face (which may drive me to use it in tandem with your moisturizer), my skin has never felt healthier.
I have sent on your site to several friends in the hopes we can get the word out and help Kabana become a household name.
Thanks again!

J. Brady

I’ve been using your Green Screen Organic Sunscreen product, and I’ve been using it in a different way and I thought you’d like to know. I have very sensitive skin and I can’t use most all makeup even mineral because it makes me break out, but what I do is I put your sunscreen on my face as a base, let it dry and then I can put any makeup I like and I don’t break out at all! I can even use CoverGirl, the unnatural stuff, because Green Screen provides such an excellent underlaying barrier. So, I thought I’d let you know that I really, really enjoy your product, and thank you very much.

J. Flanery

Thank you so much for such an Awesome product…I LUV your Green Screen SPF 20 Sunscreen! Since I have a sun allergy and am very conscientious about protecting my skin from the sun, I am a sunscreen and skin care addict..I do my research and am always looking for the very BEST products. Also, I am very knowledgeable about skincare and ingredients so I truly appreciate the care and passion that went into creating such a perfect skincare and sunscreen product. Thank you SO much for using your talent and scientific expertise to create your Kabana Skin Care line…such an excellant line and I tell all of my friends, also skincare junkies about you and your company. I am a customer of Holly’s from Whole Foods in Marin County California…Holly told me all about you and how really impressed she was with you and Kabana. Please keep on doing what you do and I hope you could get into Sephora bc i think your line should get that kind of visibility bc it is SO excellent.

Jazmine Lee-Tang
Marin County, CA

I received the sunscreen and I am very pleased with it. As a mom, I am forever “inventing” new products that would be “perfect” for my child. I am always reading labels thinking, “if only it had this ingredient or did not have that ingredient.” I have “invented” several products -everything from the perfect sippy cup to the perfect handsoap. But your all natural sunscreen is is the first that has become a reality – a sunscreen that I can put on my child everyday and without synthetic chemicals or questionable natural products.
Thank you SO MUCH Erik.

S Holmes
Atlanta, GA

I have found your Green Screen Organic Sunscreen to be the best sunscreen I have tried so far. I am using it as a facial sunscreen over facial lotion and with some makeup. As a chemically sensitive woman who wants TRULY organic products, the marketplace provides very little selection. Mychelle and Desert Organics are the only 2 products that meet my personal standards – but leave me looking like Casper’s cousin. Using product that I feel good about, that is easy to apply and work with when combined with organic lotions, (which is another issue since the ingredients in most organic products are sometimes not conducive for smooth results/application), and doesn’t leave me smelling like medicine or chemicals or looking like a ghost, is a wonderful thing.
My white cat, Martin, even gives it a thumbs (paws) up. I applied to his ears and he only vaguely tried to wipe it off (usually a sign that it doesn’t sting, stink or feel heavy on him). Knowing that the small amt that he may have ingested wouldn’t hurt him makes a cat momma very happy! Probably not the original intent of your product – but a great fringe benefit nonetheless. Consider it your first controlled animal test. 🙂

Tam Mjelde
Seattle, WA

I just came back from my trip to Belize. I went down there with your Green Screen sunscreen and also Mexitan as I read comments by people on the Internet. Your product performed very well in the water compared to Mexitan. They claim their product is water resistant and it came right off on me and my girlfriend as soon as any water got on us. Your Green Screen did a lot better and actually in some parts of the body was actually hard to get off (mainly facial hair). We used it in the ocean, rivers and in some pretty strong water falls and your product was still visible after playing in the water for sometime. Seems like Green Sunscreen passes the water test. Thanks for a great all natural product! 🙂

A. Batista
New Mexico

If you fly fish, you know that you are a gadget freak, and you always look for newer and better things. Don’t look now, because the one thing you take for granted is about to change. I’m talking about your sunscreen.

After you try Green Screen, your old sunscreen will be tossed out with your old fly lines. I was introduced to Green Screen by my friend Erik, on a ski trip. I was a bit skeptical, until he started sounding like my other friend Eric, from the CDC. Both of them are serious scientists, and both passionate about what they do.
Erik gave me a sample, and as they say, the rest is history. Green Screen takes some getting used to, but the payoff is a full day of fishing with minimal, if any, UV exposure. The stuff is highly viscous out of the tube and needs careful application. Rub it vigorously between your palms to heat it up and liquify it…then coat your ears and nose…rub the rest in on the back of your neck. Dab a bit more on the back of your hands.

I then grab some streamside dirt and scrub my palms free of the stuff…that’s it…seriously, you are now protected for the *day*. While Erik (correctly) recommends that you re-apply the stuff periodically, I can tell you that my lazy butt has flogged fish all day, in 7000′-plus Colorado sun, with a single application, and I got no “fly fish tan” …it’s amazing.
Forty-fish days on the Arkansas in full-on sun…and my hands constantly in the water…and no “fly tan” …this stuff is awesome….and fish-friendly to boot. Don’t forget to read the gouge about how regular commercial sunscreen can *seriously* harm the reproductive cycle of fish in closed ecosystems; it’s eye-opening. Only natural sunscreens like Green Screen are approved for snorkeling and diving in sensitive South American esturaries… maybe we need to start paying attention to this here too.

If you’re a fan of keeping your skin young and supple, just get this stuff! I also religously use Erik’s Kabana Crème body butter….it’s the most awesome skin conditioner you can buy. I have had more than one person comment on the texture of my skin…it’s been totally worth it, trust me!

Steve Lack
Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Guide

I’m super impressed with Green Screen—IT WORKS!! Two weekends ago I used it when I hiked Mount Bierstadt, elevation 14,060. Normally on long, high hikes like that I burn even when I use a high SPF sunscreen from the grocery store. Not with Green Screen. I applied it a few times throughout the day, and it really protected me from the sun. I didn’t even have slight color at the end of the day. Experience with it made me a believer—and I will use it on every hike from here on out. I also love how it smells and feels. It doesn’t make me break out—even after applying multiple coats. I LOVE IT!!

Brandy Cohen
Thornton, CO

Just want to let you know, that as a faired skin person, your products work like a charm. I ordered some of your products last year before I left for the Philippines. Whenever I went swimming, snorkeling or was out in the sun for a long time, I used your products with great results. As a fair skinned person I know when a product works because my natural skin protection is lower or weaker than the average person. Best of all, the ingredients are the best on the market. You’ve done an excellent job!

Jesse Dallas
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I use your skin toned sunscreen as foundation. Despite the fact that it is not my perfect color ( I am very fair), it evens out my skin tone and once the formula soaks in you really cannot see that it is not a good color match. I use a small amount of powder to take the shine away. I am thrilled that I found a solution to liquid foundation that has doew not have toxic chemicals in it and is good for my skin!
I thought you might want to know that this product can be used for that as well.

Molly Fricano
Hayden, ID

Kabana Crème™

Kabana Creme is undeniably the best moisturizer I have ever tried, and I’ve tried so very many. Before encountering this product, I used to be almost exclusively a La Mer customer. La Mer doesn’t even compare to Kabana; Kabana’s ingredients are a major improvement over those un-pronounceable ones in competing formulas, and the value is unparalleled.  I use at least a jar every month, and people regularly tell me my skin glows. I can tell it’s biochemically designed for skin because it feels so natural. Once you use Kabana Creme, you’ll never be able to go back to other products because they just feel thin and weak, and clearly don’t do the superb job this product does for keeping your skin soft, smooth and baby-butt youthful.

N. Surina
Los Angeles, CA

I absolutely love this moisturizer! I use it 2-3 times a day. It really helps calm my psoriasis down. It doesn’t make it go away, but it helps the itch. I took it into my dermatologist to rave to her about it. I have actually been telling everyone about it. Thank you so much for such a great product! I just love the sugar scrub as well, and Green Screen Sunscreen is fabulous too!
You have definitely gained a customer for as long as you make this stuff! Fantastic product!
Thanks, again!

D. Powers
Denver, CO

I wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found your products. I have very sensitive skin hat tends to be dry. It seems to react to a number of different ingredients and I have had a really difficult (and frustrating!) time finding products that I can use consistently that won’t irritate my skin. The Kabana Creme has been fantastic and I feel confident using it everyday without worrying what my skin is going to look like when I wake up in the morning after using it!

Alison R
Toronto, Ontario

I have been plagued by a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris since grade school. The hard, tiny bumps that appeared on my upper arms and legs caused me to avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Having this condition made me incredibly self-conscious about my skin’s appearance, particularly during the warmer months when everyone else was wearing tank tops and short-sleeved shirts. I always felt uncomfortable about the way my arms looked and felt, so I’d resort to wearing longer sleeved shirts in the heat just to cover up the embarrassing bumps.
I had tried practically everything on the market to minimize the number and appearance of the bumps and help my dry skin, including frequent exfoliation with loofah sponges and slathering on lotion after lotion. Trying a myriad of lotions, even those recommended by doctors and skin specialists, was a frustrating experience because my sensitive skin would break into a rash from the artificial ingredients, preservatives and fragrances.

My mother first introduced me to the Kabana skincare line from her research online for all-natural skin products that were free of unnatural ingredients, including synthetic preservatives or fragrances. She raved about them and encouraged me to give them a try on helping my skin conditions.

At first the texture and thickness of the lotion concerned me because I was worried that the crème would be too thick for my pores and clog them or leave my skin feeling greasy (there are no preservatives or spreading agents in the crème which I had never been able to find before, even in any health food store). However, after warming up the lotion in my hands and rubbing it in thoroughly, my skin felt soft and not greasy.

I used the Kabana Crème every other day after showering and within a week I noticed a dramatic reduction in the number and severity of the bumps on my arms. My skin would stay moisturized between applications, and I did not develop a rash. The bumps on my legs also diminished, and the overall look and feel of my skin improved.

I have also used the Kabana Sugar Scrub, which is the best scrub I have tried. For years I was devoted to using Origins Salt Scrub, but even the oil in that scrub would clog my pores and cause more bumps to form. The oils in the Kabana Sugar Scrub have not caused that reaction with my skin, and the sugar granules gently and effectively remove my dry skin.
The Lip Balm is fantastic too! I am a lip balm addict, and the natural ingredients in Erik’s product keep my lips moisturized for hours without having to reapply frequently like many other products I have tried.

But one of the unexpectedly best products from the Kabana line is the sunscreen. At first I was not used to the texture (again because it does not contain any artificial ingredients to aid in spreading), but I instantly fell in love with it after one use. It does not leave my skin greasy like every other sunscreen I’ve used, nor does it smell like every other sunscreen. But the best part about the sunscreen (aside from the fact that it’s protecting my skin from UV damage naturally without petrochemicals) is how my skin feels after applying. My skin feels as smooth as when I use the Kabana Crème – never sticky or greasy, but instead ultra moisturized and soft. Fabulous products!

Jesse Robertson
Boulder, CO

I LOVE Kabana Crème! I use it all over my body—but especially on my feet, hands, cuticles, and any other really dry places. Being in karate and wearing sandals during the warm months does a number on my feet, leaving them very dry and cracked, especially around the heel area. Literally one application of Kabana Crème (I like it best when warmed up!) starts to soften and smooth the rough places instantly. (Just this morning I looked down at my heels in the sandals I’m wearing and was so embarrassed! I warmed up a jar of Lavender Mint K.C, and put some on my embarrassing heels. It’s been about an hour, and already my heels are noticeably softer, and are not white and cracked looking!) It also does an AMAZING job moisturizing my cuticles. I used to buy a really expensive bottle of cuticle oil, but no more. K.C. works even better, and I don’t need a separate moisturizer for my hands. My nails even seem to grow faster and stronger.


Just a quick note to sing my personal praises for your Kabana Crème!!! I had developed a miserable case of eczema on my feet a couple of years ago, Nov of 2002 actually. The doctor referred to it as “Moccasin Foot”, said it was a type of eczema usually caused by a reaction to a new pair of shoes and, after a couple of different kinds of prescriptions did not work, referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said he really wasn’t sure if it was eczema or psoriasis, and indicated that it may never go away. I was beginning to believe that to be the case, as it got sooo bad I could hardly walk. None of his prescriptions did much good, either, one of which was a cream costing around $95.00. I used everything recommended religiously to no avail, wrapping my feet in plastic, etc, etc.

Eventually my son, Ed Jr, called and told me about Kabana Crème, and sent me a sample. Lo and behold, it generated immediate improvement. My feet were not great, but certainly better than they had been for many, many months. When the sample ran out, I was spending the winter in the south, and did not call for replacement. My improvement held pretty good but did not get any better.
Eventually, after arriving home and getting somewhat back to normal, I got another supply of Kabana Crème, and once again, the improvement was remarkable! I have been using it regularly and am happy to report my feet are 99.9% back to normal!! As a matter of fact, I have been wearing sandals…without socks or embarrassment!! And even had my first pedicure in a couple of years 2 weeks ago!!

Thanks so much for your wonderful, wonderful product!!

Mary C. Allison
Enola, PA

Kabana Crème is the perfect product for my dry skin. I first discovered it on a ski trip in Colorado when my skin was especially dry from the winter sun and wind. Kabana Crème left my skin feeling smooth and soft and now it is a permanent part of my skin care regimen. I can feel good about using it because it’s made with all natural ingredients. Kabana is the ultimate moisturizer any time of year.

Pauline Sanchez
San Francisco, CA

Kabana Crème™ is a dual-purpose massage product. It provides great glide during my Swedish (massage) sessions and it allows me the control to do deep neuromuscular therapy sessions as well. All the while, it nourishes my clients’ skin and makes my hands feel wonderful at the end of the day. Kabana is the optimal product for me, as a massage practitioner, because it’s really nice to offer my clients a choice of scents or an unscented product, and I like knowing that all the ingredients are natural.

Halston Hoversten, CMT (Certified Massage Therapist)
Gunbarrel, CO

I’ve been using Kabana almost daily for more than 1 year and the results have been outstanding! I suffered from dermatitis about 2 years ago and after using Kabana have not had a single recurrence. Truly a remarkable treat for my skin! The idea of using all natural ingredients is so comforting and does wonders to hydrate my dry hands and elbows. I’m definitely going to continue daily use and look forward to more new fantastic products from Kabana!

Nicole Civerolo
San Jose, CA

I love Kabana Crème a lot, it gives my face a nice glow and it makes my dry skin feel so much softer. I thank EriK for creating the product and opportunity to try it; I will use the lotion every day. I’ve been most surprised to have found a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, especially around my eyes. I look forward to some fantastic new products from Erik and Kabana! Thanks for producing this fantastic gift to my skin!

Caecil Civerolo
Lompoc, CA

Kabana Naturally Effective Deodorant

The Kabana Natural Deodorant is an awesome product! I’ve tried many and this is effective and non-irritating. Please don’t ever stop making it.

San Marcos, CA

I wanted to tell you your new deodorant is great! I’ve been looking and looking for a natural deodorant that has some staying power and doesn’t irritate – yours completely delivers to this end – with no itching and no odor even after a day or two. Wonderful!

Miying Meng
Oklahoma City, OK

I think the deodorant is great and I definitely recommend it. I have tried several other natural brands before this and was disappointed (as was my husband). We are both pretty active and the other kinds just weren’t cutting it. One in particular was staining our shirts and we were still stinky! I am hooked on this one and I am optimistic that it will continue to work well even in the summer.

I am happy I found your products and I’m glad to be a customer. Good products and good customer service also!

Shaleen Guell
Seattle, WA

Body Wash UV

I am *somewhat* fair skinned – blonde hair, blue eyes. I’ve been using Body Wash UV every day in the shower for about three weeks. I would say anything over 1 hour in the direct sunlight does me in pretty good – I get burned and red if I’m out there for that amount of time. 90 minutes in direct sunlight would have me burned to a crisp. This weekend I went to a BBQ at Vasona Park, Sunday. It was between 70 and 80 here, not a cloud in the sky. I arrived about 12:15ish, and left the place after 6. I played softball in direct sunlight for a good few hours, and then the other time was in between the shade of trees and under the canopy eating.

I had about 3 hours of direct sun exposure, which was definitely in burn area for me, and wore no sunscreen. I was ready for the pain and agony. Erik, I don’t have so much as a watch mark. I couldn’t believe it. I was like – how did I not get burned? Then it hit me – Body Wash UV! I use it everyday – it’s all I use. It’s great stuff; it lathers nicely and leaves me feeling squeaky-clean and smooth. The fact that it protects me from getting roasted when I don’t put sun block lotion on is awesome.

Ed Allison
Los Altos, CA

Just wanted to let you know that my wife purchased the above product for me because I have a tendency to not use any kind of UV protection at all and never have and as a result I’ve had some pre cancerous spots removed on my face and forehead over the years. I used the gel particularly as a shampoo on my head for about 2 weeks and have noticed a definite protection from it under the sun. Since I shampoo every day this is easy to do and I don’t have to remember anything like take the sunscreen along etc. My head has not gotten burned once this year. Good product.

Ted Elliott