Liplovers™ Natural Lip Balm with Sunscreen

Liplovers Natural Lip Balm with Sunscreen

  • Liplovers™ Natural Lip Balm with Sunscreen heals and protects from extreme elements with an elegant and yummy formula.

    • 10% non-nano Zinc Oxide for excellent UV protection
    • 100% natural and organic ingredients
    • 100% natural flavors
    • Tested at high altitudes in the Rocky Mountains and guaranteed to deliver excellent results with regular use

    Available in a 0.15oz/4.5g natural recyclable polypropylene lip balm tube with shrink wrap seal.

  • The Complete List of Ingredients in Liplovers Natural Lip Balm with Sunscreen:

    • 10% Non-nano Zinc Oxide USP
    • Shea Butter*
    • Superfine Lanolin USP
    • Beeswax*
    • Vegetable Vitamin E (non-GMO, from sunflower seeds)
    • Optional Natural Flavor

    *Certified Organic

    Liplovers with sunscreen provides a high UV protection level.

  • Superior nourishment and protection for your lips, even in extreme weather conditions.

    The superbly rich moisturizers accelerate healing and create an impervious seal to rain, snow, sun and the desert, keeping your lips maximally comfy and smoochable.

Customers Say:

Liplovers Lip Balm is awesome! It really does love your lips by helping heal them up fast if they're already in bad shape, and keeps them smooth as silk even when you're out in the elements. I spend a lot of time outside, and this product is the best I've found to keep my lips crack-free and comfortable. I use the sunscreen version when I'm on the mountain, and it performs flawlessly to keep my lips free of sun damage, which I've found a major factor in chapping.

And the all natural flavors rock! My favorites are peppermint and peach, depending on my mood.

D. Johnson - Vail, CO