Kabana Magnesium Crème

Magic Magnesium Crème

  • Kabana’s Magic Magnesium Crème works against chronic pain and aids muscle relaxation by replenishing local extracellular ionic magnesium stores.

    • Provides a good source of ionic magnesium through the skin directly to affected tissues.
    • Each half ounce contains 116 milligrams of ionic Mg2+.
    • Lightweight moisturizing crème made with certified organic ingredients.

    The Magnesium Chloride Kabana uses is from the ancient European Zechstein deposit, the purest source in the world.

    Although it gets very little attention, Magnesium (abbreviated Mg) is one of the most important electrolytes in the human body. Not only does it activate many enzymatic processes, but it’s also a critical ion for normal neurological activity by mediating neuron activation and signalling. Inappropriate or excessive neuron activation is the prerequisite for chronic pain and muscle spasm; two problems that increasingly plague us as we age.

  • The Complete List of Ingredients in Magic Magnesium Crème:

    • Eldorado Springs Artesian Spring Water
    • Zechstein Magnesium Chloride
    • Grapeseed Oil
    • Coconut Oil*
    • Shea Butter*
    • Natural Vitamin E (non-gmo from sunflower seeds)
    • Beeswax*

    * Certified Organic

  • Magnesium in its ionic form acts as a plug in a specific, pain-related ion channel in neurons; the NMDA receptor. Expulsion of the magnesium ion plug is required for neural activation and signal propagation, and an adequate supply of it outside the cell is necessary if the neuron is to return to the relaxed, inactive mode. Without an adequate supply of magnesium in our bodies, neurons remain in a hyper-excitable state, and become activated at the slightest provocation. This can result in the chain reaction of chronic pain, even if a real pain stimulus is not present. The NMDA receptor also mediates muscle relaxation and must be deactivated with Mg2+ within the pore of the NDMA protein in order for the muscles to relax.

    Replenishing magnesium at the pain site helps maintain adequate levels available of this important extracellular ion, and keeps the NMDA receptor optimally plugged to be activated only when necessary or real stimulus is present.

    Kabana’s Magic Magnesium Crème is best used at the site of pain and applied as often as necessary. The lightweight and creamy formula absorbs quickly and moisturizes without the typical salty-greasy feel of other magnesium products.

    Our formula is appropriate for facial use and will relax facial and neck muscles where many of us store tension and stress.

Customers Say:

I recently purchased the Kabana Magnesium Creme, thinking it may help fatigued muscles after a long day of wake surfing, but, before I could try it, my mom visited and spoke of neck and shoulder pain after traveling. I immediately thought of the magnesium creme. Mom was pleasantly surprised that it worked really well to alleviate her pain, both immediately and long term.

Now I need to order again for myself!

Thanks for making great products that we consumers can trust to truly work and to not have harmful chemicals!

DL, Greensboro, NC

I love your Magnesium Creme. I use it on my neck and temples when I get my crazy migraines (which is like all the time) and it really helps. I love the subtle scent as well.

Michelle O, Los Altos, CA

Wow I have to tell you how fantastic your Kabana Magnesium Crème pain cream is. I work in a Dental office and am constantly expose to x-rays. After one of my coworker developed a melanoma of the brain lining and I saw stories in the news how dental x-rays are linked to melanoma of the brain did I start to correlate my stiff necks and headaches with when the x-rays were being taken. I saw your Kabana Magnesium Crème when I was ordering your Green Screen and thought maybe this will help. The x-rays are ionizing radioactivity and the Kabana Magnesium Crème provides ionic magnesium which should combat the ionizing radioactivity and ordered some. I applied it right after the x-rays were taken and notice a sudden difference in my energy level. I didn’t know how run down I was till I was revived by the Kabana Magnesium Crème. It was miraculous. It was almost immediate that I started feeling better after I put it on. It has become a necessary component for my survival in the Dental office and in today’s high stress world to keep from feeling run down. It’s a truly wonderful product and I highly recommend it to pick you up when you’re feeling run down. I also love your Green Screen and all the Kabana products I’ve tried so far.

KF, Astoria, NY

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST thing I have found for pain relief! I have chronic back pain and bad plantar fasciitis, and I use this Magnesium Creme every day. I would not survive without it.....it is AMAZING!! It really helps me with my daily pain, and I am very grateful for it. Often, I will use it as a preventative, too, if I know I will be walking or standing a lot, which can hurt my feet and back. If I put it on before, it helps keep the pain away. I also really appreciate that it is made with natural ingredients.

I recommend this creme to anyone I know who has muscle aches or chronic pain. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product!

Carol, Champlin, MN