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  • Green Screen® D Organic Sunscreen SPF 35 Original – Soy-Free

Green Screen® D Organic Sunscreen SPF 35 Original – Soy-Free

  • Now TSA compliant!! 3.4 fluid ounces is equivalent to 4 weight ounces or 115 grams, so same amount of sunscreen as always, just more cleverly packaged so you can keep it in your carry on luggage. Updated photos forthcoming.

    Green Screen D Organic SPF 35 Original is another addition to our line of healthy, effective and family-safe sunscreen products. Green Screen D Organic SPF 35 is baby and pregnancy safe; recommended for children under 6 months of age.

    Green Screen D Organic SPF 35 is free of common allergens. It’s soy-free, gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, Non-GMO and vegetarian. Please see the Ingredients tab above for a complete list of ingredient in the product.

    Tested to FDA’s new 2011 rules by an independent laboratory and made with only 6 certified organic or mineral ingredients, it leads the industry in simplicity, broad spectrum effectiveness and certified organic ingredient content. (As of 5/4/2020, no other sunscreen manufacturer publishes their formula’s SPF Testing Data online! It’s a testament to Kabana’s dedication to providing our customers products with unsurpassed performance and transparency.)

    It provides superior broad spectrum UVA protection with a critical wavelength of 380nm.

    Green Screen D’s SPF of 35 provides the equivalent of 97.1% UVB absorbance protection when used at a density of two milligrams per square centimeter of skin area.

    Green Screen® D Organic Sunscreen SPF 35 is easy to apply at all temperatures and essentially transparent at the rated SPF value.

    The average individual particle size of the Zinc Oxide USP we use is 0.260 micron (260nm) with Standard Deviation of 0.012 micron (12nm). This means that there are statistically zero particles smaller than 100nm, the cutoff for the nano classification. Most nano sunscreens on the market have particle sizes in the range of 10-20nm.

    Green Screen D SPF 35  will normally wash out of clothing using laundry detergent in a modern washing machine. If whiteness persists, use a stain stick. 

  • The Complete List of Ingredients in Green Screen D SPF 35 Original

    • 25% non-nano Zinc Oxide
    • Eldorado Springs Artesian Water
    • Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Certified Organic Beeswax
    • Vegetable Vitamin E (non-gmo from sunflower seeds)
    • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol, 600IU/ounce sunscreen)
  • Green Screen D is fortified with the United States Recommended Daily Allowance (USRDA) of Vitamin D3 (600IU/ounce of sunscreen), a critical vitamin that normally requires UV energy to be produced in our skin. Since sunscreens reduce UV exposure (which is a good thing and critical in limiting cellular and DNA damage and aging processes), they can also limit Vitamin D production. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common and plays a significant role in diseases, from rickets to cancer.

    Green Screen D is the first and only sun care product that solves the problem of reduced Vitamin D production due to sunscreen use, in an organic formula that only Kabana Organic Skincare offers.

    Green Screen is an effective, healthy and safe sunscreen for your entire family. You can use it daily and be confident that it’s free of harmful petrochemicals that are known to bioaccumulate.

    Zinc oxide is a better sunscreen active ingredient than titanium dioxide and the only one Kabana uses for the following reasons:

    • Zinc oxide the most effective UV absorber across the entire UVA and UVB spectrum.
    • Zinc oxide is made from the critical mineral nutrient zinc whereas titanium is a metal that has no biological use in our bodies and poorly defined long term exposure risks. You will find zinc in your multivitamin if you take one, but certainly not titanium.
    • Zinc oxide holds tight to its electrons when it absorbs UV energy and limits the creation of free radicals that do damage and increase the risk of skin cancer.
    • Zinc oxide is the sole sunscreen active ingredient approved for use on children by FDA

    The zinc oxide Kabana uses is non-nano, and not-micronized; there are zero zinc oxide nanoparticles in our formulas.

Customers Say:

My daughter has super sensitive skin on her face, where she would get outside and the least bit of sun would start to burn on her cheeks right under her eyes.
We have tried every sensitive skin sunscreen under the sun and just plain zinc and nothing has worked, she would have little rash type bumps on her cheeks, forehead, nose, and eyelids. She would within a day of using the other sunscreens out on the market, swell up, and break out. She would then need to stay inside and apply a prescription medication onto her face, take Benadryl which makes her sleep, and just be plain miserable for days – then didn’t want to go back out in the yard, the pool, or play outdoor sports due to her face breaking out. I searched the internet over and read reviews and I Thank God daily I have found you and your website as this is a miracle sunscreen. Not only has it protected my daughters face, being at the beach and outside for a full week, but it has also cleared her skin up completely. She is 13, and yes with that age comes the dreaded pimples and such, Not anymore – this has cleared her up in more ways than one.. We will Keep this Kabana's Green Screen D SPF 35 Sunscreen in our house from here on out.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for bringing back my sun loving daughter!

Margaret H. Salem, VA

I love Green Screen D! I had been searching for years as my hyper sensitive skin could not cope with other 'natural' sunscreens. I was amazed it had just six pure ingredients and a very high percentage of Zinc Oxide. The fact that it contains Vitamin D is amazing, I love not having to worry I am not getting enough sun - I showed it to my doctor he was very impressed by this. All other natural sunscreens gave me blemishes, not only does this not block my pores but it has also improved my skin - it is very nourishing and feels more like a moisturizer. Unlike other companies I have total trust in you and I enjoyed reading all the background science behind the product. I would recommend this to everyone, especially sensitive skinned people. Thank you Kabana for making such a wonderful product!

Kate, London, UK

Finally a brilliant manufacturer brings an excellent product to market. Green Screen D SPF 35 is everything a parent could want in a sunscreen, 97% UV protection, safe non-nano zinc oxide, the simplest of organic ingredients, and it's a highly transparent formula that applies smooth and easy on your youngsters. And fortified with Vitamin D, that sunscreens reduce natural production. Kabana Confidence. I'm a customer for life. :)

Danielle Williams - Miami, FL

I just wanted to say how happy I am to find a product that does what it says. I have very sensitive skin and work outside on a goat farm, in NEW MEXICO. Being a very fair Scandinavian, this can be tough, my skin is also very sensitive and can breakout just from the smell of normal sunscreens. I am so happy to have found your products and my skin is happy too. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working. We don't need all the chemicals that the corporations thing we do. I'll keep spreading the word of your products as long as you keep making them!

Thank you!

Jennifer R.

Truly amazed by this product. I’ve suffered PMLE for years and usually on day 2 I have to get a steroid shot. I’m in Jamaica on my last day and no itchy rash just some redness from tanning and that’s all. Finally I’m enjoying a beach vacation!

Anita D, British Columbia, Canada