Introduction to Your Human Ecosystem

Imagine each one of us as an independent ecosystem. Our bodies function just like the external natural world operates in cycles of growth, decay and rebirth with all the different organisms and life forms taking a part based on their innate functions. Instead of Earth’s ecosystems that are full of diverse animals and plants all working together, our human bodies have cells and enzymes that must all function properly to maintain our health and youth.

Each of our bodies is as pure and pristine as can be when we’re born. We’re like the Earth before humankind started exploiting its resources and creating pollution and degradation.

Just as human activity often results in pollution that bioaccumulates, damages organisms and degrades ecosystems, so too do our choices result in exposure and bioaccumulation of chemicals that harm each of our bodies’ critical enzyme and cellular activities. We all recognize and try to minimize using products that cause environmental damage to the ecosystems we and other animals and plants inhabit, but we’re much less good when the same practices concern our own human ecosystems. To be better, we must only apply the same environmental rules to our own bodies, and pay a little more attention to the products we use on ourselves and in our houses.

Kabana constantly emphasizes the importance of choosing skin and personal care products that maintain the purity of your human ecosystem.

Our products are designed to make this easy for you.

In the coming months, we’ll teach you additional things unrelated to skin care that you can do to protect you and your family’s pristine individual environments. There are many easy solutions, but we bet you haven’t considered them yet.

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