Will Green Screen® turn my skin white?

Green Screen uses Zinc Oxide as its active ingredient. Zinc Oxide it a white pigment, which can turn skin white depending upon how much is applied and how dark your skin is naturally. At the rated SPF and application of 2 milligrams per square centimeter of skin, which is the density at which FDA makes sunscreen manufacturers test their products, it is principally transparent. This amount is about the equivalent of 1 ounce applied to your entire body when wearing a bathing suit.

Kabana also makes a tinted version that uses the biomineral iron oxide to provide a flesh-colored tint that reduces the chalkiness of the regular SPF 20 formula. Iron oxide is the same mineral that makes blood look red. Many of our customers find this more aesthetically pleasing. We may be releasing additional tinted products in the future to better match the skin tones of sunscreen users. Iron oxide is also the primary tint used in the highly popular mineral makeups.

Like what you’re reading? Try our zinc oxide Sunscreens! We offer four different tints, one of which is designed to match your own skin type.

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