Where can I access Green Screen’s SPF Testing Data?

Kabana Skincare is the only company selling sunscreen that makes our testing data publicly available. See below for the links to the original testing reports from the independent contract lab we use. Many sunscreen companies apply a mathematical formula based on active ingredient percentage to calculate the SPF number. This is illegal and totally unethical, because the SPF number is not linearly related to active ingredient content, as described by the graph below. Many companies will also use UV absorbing chemistry that is not approved for use as a sunscreen to boost the effective SPF. However since it costs about $5000 to properly test for the SPF on humans according to FDA’s 2011 OTC Monograph on Sunscreens, no one (not even the FDA) is currently ensuring products sold as sunscreens actually provide the protection they claim.

Green Screen SPF 31 Original:
Green Screen Original SPF Testing Data
Green Screen Original UVA/Critical Wavelength Data

Green Screen D SPF 35:
Green Screen D SPF Testing Data
Green Screen D UVA/Critical Wavelength Data

Green Screen SPF 32 Tinted:
Green Screen Tinted SPF Testing Data
Green Screen Tinted UVA/Critical Wavelength Data

SPF vs. UV Percentage ProtectionPercentage UV Absorption or Protection = 100(1-1/SPFvalue)

You can observe from the graph that for SPF values above 30, the user gets very little additional effective UV protection. This graph concisely illustrates how an SPF value higher than 30 is a marketing gimmick.

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