Does Kabana use nanoparticle zinc oxide?

No, we do not use nanoparticles in our products. We are one of the few manufacturers that explicitly states we do not use nanoparticles. Sunscreen manufacturers can be misleading by saying they use micronized particles because nano is still technically in the micron size range. There’s also a difference between ‘micronized’ and ‘micron-sized’ because micronization is a process that grinds larger zinc oxide particles into smaller ones and always results in a significant number of nanoparticles.  Confusing? Unfortunately it is a bit.  The zinc oxide Kabana uses is in the micron-size range, but the particles are produced via a special process to be that size directly, instead of being ground down, and thereby our zinc oxide does not contain ANY nanoparticles.

All useful mineral sunscreens are either in the micron-sized range or nano as anything larger than the micron size becomes the size of fine sand which is useless in a sunscreen preparation and impossible to evenly apply.

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